Make Us Part Of Your On-Time On-Budget Project Team

LMS exists to serve clients and contractors who are looking for a company that does the job right the first time. We believe our clients want a relationship, not just a contract. Your project size doesn't matter, our commitment remains just as strong.

We are committed to excellence in all areas of construction including commercial, industrial, government and residential projects from site preparation to turn-key completion. We have expertise, a management team, and the personnel to complete any size project to your exact specifications.

Our clients depends on us because they know we specialize in unique custom projects that many contractors shy away from. 

AT LMS we build trust one project at a time.



At LMS our clients respond well to the idea of building trust one project at a time.  It gives them a secure relationship knowing we take responsibility for all design and construction activities and provide our clients timely information that is critical to the development of the project.  LMS provides all documents and designs to the clients in a timely and efficient manner. This benefits both our clients and us and results in a more effective way of developing and following through on every design/build project.


Our pre-construction team at LMS understands that this phase of the project is critical to every project's ultimate success. It is the foundation of all our projects and is vital throughout the industry.  Our team works directly with the architect and all parties associated with the project. LMS provides budget plans, meetings with each trade contractor, planning of progress meetings and a guarantee that the project will start on time.


LMS offers a variety of specialty construction services from building project, maintenance, contract projects and a vast assortment of other specialty contractor services.  Our clients benefit strongly from our extensive knowledge of the services we provide to our clients and general contractors.  We have the tools and equipment to build the right project for all clients.  At LMS we build trust one project at a time.


Our management team at LMS plays a critical role during the project.  The team organizes planners, subcontractors, site supervisors and project laborers that are necessary to professionally complete any project from its foundation to turn key finish.  LMS staff and management are qualified in all positions and are focused on the owner and client who expect delivery of a fully completed project.  The owner and client is informed during all phases of the project and notified of every decision by LMS to make sure the project is finished on time and on budget as planned. 


After each project, LMS offers a service maintenance agreement with many options that can be custom tailored to the client's specific requirements.



SCDOT, DDOT and WMATA DBE certified.

South Carolina Governor's OSMBA certified WBE.